Alexandera Marca. Box Still Life, 2019. Graphite on illustration board. 18x34 in.

This illustration was a practice in drawing from life. No other sources could be used to draw this besides the still life piece in the studio. The goals of this project were to further understanding of shading and glazing with graphite pencils, work on value ranges, and create different textures. 



Before starting the final composition, I sketched certain points of the still life to determine which layout had the highest amount of differing textures and shapes in it. Then, I sketches individual objects, and looked at the still life from different angles, all with the same lighting. After deciding upon a composition, I sketched it out on paper, went over it with pen, and then transferred the ink outline image to illustration paper using grids. Once the outline was in place, I used graphite pencils to glaze and shade the piece, and erasers to smooth the bitchers and base box to create a shiny or plastic illusion.